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Training & consulting

We pick up your team where it currently is and deliver the first tangible results within a few days.


Goals of the first stage of the Makeo model:

With our help, you move away from: improvising, loss of control, disruptions, changes to the construction process, overtime and extra work. Leave behind high stress levels, silo thinking, misunderstandings, confrontations and long meetings in the daily construction routine.


With Makeo, you move towards: clarity of goals, transparency in daily target-performance comparisons and consistency in the event of deviations. Coordinated measures, enhanced adherence to deadlines and optimized resource utilization all result in attaining this objective.


Lean workshop

In a workshop, your team learns about lean work methods in a playful way. Using the Makeo training model, it discovers how synchronized processes increase efficiency on a construction site.

Synchronization workshop

Hands-on for your project

Together with your project manager, site manager and foremen, we coordinate tradespeople and develop a shortened, synchronized project plan.

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