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With us, your project becomes plannable, predictable and controllable.

Makeo Team beim Workshop

We are lean experts

We implement in collaboration with you, introduce your projects into our digital project management platform and empower you on the job with the relevant lean competence.



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With Makeo, you minimize your effort, shorten project timelines and lower costs.


Coordinated processes with short runtimes.


Lean construction becomes sustainable, structured and digital with Makeo.


Communication and collaboration between all parties on the construction site are fostered, significantly increasing productivity.


Work packages are processed continuously and do not pile up towards the end of the project.

Makeo’s 3-step model ensures that the path to a lean construction site is simple and quickly implemented.

Lean Berater hält Vortrag

Training & consulting

In the lean orientation process, we use our own simulations and allow your team to experience the potential of lean methods. Part 2 of the workshop is dedicated to your project plan, and we develop a synchronized, shortened version together.


Construction support & coaching

Together with your team, we pragmatically develop a standard for daily communication on the construction site. To ensure a smooth construction process, we bring your project onto the Makeo platform.

Bauleiter vor Baustellenleitstand
Lean Berater zeigt Baustellenleitstand

Digital project management

Only Makeo consistently links milestones, phases, activities, trades, tasks, deficiencies and locations to the project plan. Makeo supports lean and conventional construction sites alike.

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