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Away from stressful construction sites to more stability and predictability for your projects.

From planning to controlling complex processes - Makeo offers a comprehensive set of tools and practical expert training courses.

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With the Makeo SaaS platform, general contractors, planners and project managers demonstrably save up to 20% of their time in plan creation alone. Control your construction site on a small scale thanks to cycle planning and the Last Planner® approach. This allows you to recognise hot spots in no time at all and take countermeasures in good time. Your team documents easily from the construction site.

Who we are

Makeo is a spin-off of Complevo, a respected company in the IT sector that develops customised software solutions for industrial customers. The team consists of software developers, mathematicians, civil engineers, designers, IT project managers, marketing experts, sales specialists and administrators.

Originally developed from a contract in the construction industry, Makeo focuses on the development of innovative solutions for the planning and management of construction projects. The company strives to revolutionise the construction industry through advanced technologies and to increase efficiency in construction projects. Together with Complevo, Makeo has a wealth of expertise and experience to successfully realise this mission and shape the future of construction.




Years of experience



*Makeo is part of the COMPLEVO Group

With the help of cycle planning, we support our customers in staying on track right from the planning phase, quickly catching deviations during construction work and thus adhering to tight schedules.

Coordinated processes with short runtimes.

Lean construction becomes sustainable, structured and digital with Makeo.

Communication and collaboration between all parties on the construction site are fostered, significantly increasing productivity.

Work packages are processed continuously and do not pile up towards the end of the project.

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