A win-win situation for everyone.
Everything else is yesterday.

Three ways in which we prevent the waste of energy, time, and money, and which, by more stable processes, lead our teams to excellence.

Find rather than search

Makeo enables the smooth flow of information in real-time. Everyone works with the same level of knowledge.

Use rather than waste

Makeo indicates deviations and their effects in time and facilitates targeted steps. Synergy can be utilized.

Collaborate rather than create extra work

Makeo provides clear and transparent expectations and thereby creates a shared responsibility. This increases the productivity of everyone involved.

Our features at a glance:

Traditional construction workflow planning
Created with Lunacy
(Photo) documentation
Created with Lunacy
Takt time planning
Created with Lunacy
Construction diary
Created with Lunacy
Planning with hierarchical levels of detail
Construction meetings
Teamwork with the project participants
Reporting system
Construction deficiency management
Quality coverage


Makeo provides you with an overview of the information necessary for a smooth process flow and ensures cooperative planning and execution. Among other things you will have access to:

  • Construction schedules
  • Reporting systems
  • Quality coverage


Makeo also works offline on the construction site. You have access to a classic construction schedule, maintain a complete overview of all crafts, and manage, among other things:

  • Construction meetings
  • Checklists
  • Tasks


Using the Makeo app you can view construction plans and benefit from a detailed view of upcoming tasks. Further functions are:

  • Access to contacts
  • Photo documentation
  • Management of deviations